Unlock the Power of Digital Compliance
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Renters Insurance Compliance and Tracking Made Easy

LeaseTrack allows you and your team to manage your renters insurance compliance, stay informed, and communicate with your residents – in real-time.

LeaseTrack is an artificial intelligence (AI) system for hire. Your renters insurance requirement is automated without changing your existing renters insurance program or property management software.

Track Every Unit

LeaseTrack helps you avoid potentially disastrous renters insurance coverage gaps and avoid duplicate entry by detecting and conveniently notifying you daily of non-compliance from directly inside your existing property management software.

Eliminate Error

Leasing agents often fail to correctly determine compliance and coverage. LeaseTrack helps prevent critical coverage errors made by leasing agents, while making their jobs easier, and providing you an accurate picture of your covered tenants.

Predict Future Risk

Owners with 10,000+ units spend over $225M in additional insurance premiums annually due to claims from uninsured tenants. Our triple-verification process detects the status of all certificates of insurance, allowing owners to hold uninsured tenants accountable.

It's All Here
Whether you want just the basics, or a full insurance offering, LeaseTrack has a solution for you.
Support Your Captive
Compliance always matters, but when ownership owns the insurance company it REALLY matters. Lease Track has the expertise to maximize enrollment in an owner's captive to increase revenue and minimize risk.
Happy Residents
Residents expect seamless interaction and automated processing on their schedule. LeaseTrack is on the job 7 days a week! Residents are able to submit their proof of insurance, resolve an issue, and meet their lease obligations.
Renters Insurance
LeaseTrack works with top providers in the renters insurance space such as Effective Coverage and RealPage's eRenterPlan. Having the flexibility to work with any provider gives you the opportunity to design the perfect solution.
Master Insurance Policy
Residents and owners both enjoy the benefits of a master insurance offering, the cost of which is added directly to the residents rent. LeaseTrack integrates with any master insurance program and your property management software to manage these charges and credits.
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LeaseTrack integrates seamlessly with these popular systems, and more: