Effective Coverage Established

Effective Coverage was established to help property managers minimize the costs associated with tenant-caused claims and increase profitability.



Partnership With Travelers Insurance

Built on a philosophy of quality coverage at a great price, a partnership with Travelers insurance was born.



Bind Online

Effective Coverage became the first independent insurance agency to have bind online capabilities in every state. 


It’s Tracking

Thousands of residents across the country purchase insurance policies, but then cancel within the first 180 days of issuance, leaving owners exposed.



Early Warning Signs

Risk tolerance of owners and operators begins to change with increased premiums and the hard market.


LeaseTrack Engine

After processing over a million certificates, LeaseTrack was created as a stand-alone compliance tool and a fully-owned subsidiary of Effective Coverage.



Social distancing guidelines accelerated the demand for automated, centralized services and landlords began to require tools to support the virtual leasing office.  


Solving old problems with new technology.

LeaseTrack was founded as a subsidiary of Effective Coverage, after a decade of managing renters insurance programs for some of the largest owners and operators in the country. 



Renters & Landlords Love LeaseTrack.

We began to realize the significant benefit to both renters and landlords alike when renters insurance was maintained. 

We also realized how difficult it was for landlords to track and manage renters insurance policies for hundreds of thousands of residents.

LeaseTrack was designed to solve this problem. Our software seamlessly integrates with your resident management software and allows property managers to monitor resident’s insurance compliance at a glance with monthly updates and valuable data points.

LeaseTrack has already partnered with some of the largest multifamily owners and operators in the country to alleviate the risk of non-compliant residents.

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It all started with a spark.

Eric Narcisco lost everything in an apartment fire shortly after college. That experience was the catalyst for the creation of Effective Coverage, an insurance provider built to deliver the ultimate customer experience to renters.

Without a place to live and with all of his possessions gone, Eric questioned his landlord’s decision to not require renters insurance and vowed to educate both tenants and landlords alike on the importance of insurance.  Since then, we have brought the security that insurance provides to over 600,000 people in the United State


Dynamic. Unique. Supportive. Awesome.

We pride ourselves on steady innovation through times of rapid growth within our company, and growing demand within our industry.

Our team is dynamic, supportive, and flexible in our attitude towards one another, as well as in our external conduct. While each member of our team is chosen and valued for their unique skillset, it is not uncommon to share responsibilities and tasks as they arise.

We believe that the cross-functionality of our team members is critical in being able to support one another and solve dynamic challenges with creative solutions.

We believe in open, collaborative work spaces and offer flextime so our team members can enjoy healthy work-life balance.  

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Ready to join a growing and dynamic team?

We know that the talent and passion of our people are critical to our continued success.

That’s why we provide a professional atmosphere where employees can realize their full potential and excel.

Current Openings

It takes all kinds to make the world go ’round.

LeaseTrack believes that having a diverse workforce drives innovation, and we commit to inclusion across race, gender, age, religion, identity, background, and experience.

We appreciate multiple viewpoints and approaches to problem-solving, and we consistently work to build an inclusive workforce that makes our employees feel supported and celebrated.