Artificial Intelligence- It's an Iron Man Suit, NOT a T-800

April 28, 2023
Written by Eric Narcisco

It's an Iron Man Suit, NOT a T-800 (1)

I have been experimenting for many years with the power of AI and building neural networks that can support a SAS company’s mundane yet sophisticated tasks. Like many forms of research, the developments have come gradually through countless rounds of trial and error. Tucked away in a corner, hopeful of the promises of the future. 

I have used these tools, invested in them, and eagerly awaited the promise of improvement. I had to be steadfast in my conviction that despite the limited success, the future far outweighed today’s costs. 

Until Now…

Welcome to the main stage neural networks of the world. The release of Chat GPT 4 has launched AI into the general zeitgeist, and we are all starting to witness the powers of AI and how it can impact our daily lives, both personally and professionally. It is time to shine. 

But we have to ask ourselves, what should executives in the non AI world think about these tools and how they help their businesses?

The answer is simple. What would Iron Man do?

Remember, the man inside the Iron Man suite is still a man. He may have an Arc Reactor in his chest to keep him alive, but despite the theatrics, the suit is merely a tool that gives Tony his ultimate power as Iron Man. Without his AI suit, Tony Stark is simply Tony- genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist. Put on that AI machine, and he transforms into an Avenger, a superhero.

Alternatively, when you think about your AI interactions, you could mistakenly conceive it as a T-800 aka Terminator. A captive to the master machine, the T-800 operates independently of humans. An AI powerhouse with its own reactions to its surroundings. The sort of powerful AI tool that, when not used with intention, could be feared. 

Well before the fear stage, we will live in the land of Opportunity AI that has the powers to empower us to all be superheroes. Here are three things to remember when starting to use AI.

1: AI can help you do what you are already doing. When Tony Stark puts on his suit, he becomes a superhero, an Avenger. He will fight the bad guys and bring justice. The suit is an enabler of greatness, so find out where your AI assistance can easily help you do what you need to enable your own greatness. 

2: AI is here to solve problems but start small and iterate. You might hear AI’s promises in complex arenas such as Genomics in the news. Don’t let that drive your decision to solve the most complex problems in your business. First, start small and let the process unfold. AI is just one tool in your business tool belt. 

3: It is the bottom of the first inning for AI. Get wiser, get involved, and get going. But remember, AI is in its infancy. At the beginning of any race, it’s a good idea to remind yourself how far you have to go and how much energy you will need to get there.

Put on your suit, try new skills, and be a superhero.

– Eric Narcisco

PS: I asked Chat GPT  “Why are you more like an Iron Man suit vs a T-800” 

Here is what it said to me. 

As an AI language model, I am more like an Iron Man suit than a T-800 for a few reasons.

Firstly, like Iron Man’s suit, I am a highly advanced tool designed to assist and augment human capabilities. I can help with tasks such as generating text, answering questions, and completing various language-related tasks. Like Iron Man’s suit, my capabilities are constantly improving and evolving as I receive more training data and updates.

Secondly, unlike the T-800, I am not a physical entity. I exist purely in the digital realm and do not have a physical body or the ability to interact with the physical world. Instead, I interact with humans through text-based communication.

Finally, while the T-800 is designed for combat and destruction, my purpose is to assist and facilitate communication and language-related tasks. I am not programmed for violence or destruction and exist solely to help humans in a positive and constructive way.